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"Just as a women's heart knows how to pump, her lungs to fill with air, and her hand to pull back from fire, so too does her body know how to birth."

American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology

 - benefits of continuous labour support - 

" indicates that one of the most effective tools to improve labour and delivery outcomes is continuous presence of support personnel, such as a Doula.  A Cochrane  meta-analysis of 12 trials and more than 15,000 women demonstrated that the presence of continuous one-on-one support was associated w/ improved patient satisfaction and statistically significant reduction in Cesarean delivery.  Given that there are no associated measurable harms, this resource is probably underutilized."

Ina May Gaskin 

- World renowned Midwife -

"Whenever and however you intend to give birth, your experience will impact

your emotions,

your mind,

your body


your spirit

for the rest of your life."

Author Unknown

Do I need a Doula if I'm planning on having an epidural?

Doula's are invaluable regardless of your pain relief preferences. Remember, even if you have chosen to have an epidural or any other type of pain medication, there will still be some level of discomfort involved.  It is an inevitable fact of life. You will most likely labour at home for a period of time or the anestesiologist may not be available at the exact moment you request an epidural.  It's in these moments that your Doula becomes your most valuable asset.  We work with positional changes or movements to help relieve pressure/discomfort and we are your sounding board when the going gets tough. 

Will you (my Doula) replace my partner in the delivery room?


Never.  We work together for one common be everything you need us to be.  Do you have a partner that wants to be involved in every aspect of labour and delivery? Great! I can help guide them to be able to fulfill all of your needs.  Do you have a partner that is supportive but maybe wants a professional to take the lead?  That's great too!  Having me there can help to relieve some of the burden on you and your partner.  We can find a happy medium for all parties involved. 

In what ways will you (my Doula) provide support to me during my labour & delivery?

Leading up to delivery, I provide you with evidence based information on a variety of topics and I am trained to answer your questions (if I don't have the answers you need, I will find them!).  During labour,  I provide physical support that is proven to help you through the difficult times. I will use massage, accupressure, heat/cold, positional changes etc to bring you comfort.  Most importantly,  I'm here for you emotionally.  I address your concerns and fears all while keeping the atmosphere light and calm.

What is the difference between a Midwife and a Doula ?

Think of a Midwife as a Primary Care Provider who tends to your immediate medical needs.  Your Midwife's primary concern is the health of you and baby. In comparison, your Doula is hired by you to focus on your emotional and psychological needs as well as providing physical support during all the stages of labour. Your Doula loves working with midwives and they often co-exist very harmoniously.

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What if I end up needing to have an unplanned Cesarean?

Birth doesn't always follow the cleverly mapped out plan we've created in our minds.  Whether it's a planned or un-planned circumstance, Doula's are very beneficial.  We are trained to offer you informational support and to help you to work through all of your questions & concerns.  It can be an emotional roller coaster & having someone experienced by your side can be relieving.  We are trained to adapt quickly to change and we can walk you through the process to help put your mind at ease. Depending on your care providers/hospital policies, Doula's can sometimes be present in the operating room; if this is an option you'd like to explore, you can discuss that with them.

If something unforeseen comes up and you are unable to be at my birth, do you have a back-up?

Doula's always have a back-up, it's just the smart thing to do!  Life can sometimes deal us some unexpected twists and turns and at the end of the day we are only human.  We have children and families of our own and any number of scenarios can come up at any given time.  That being said, being at your birth is at the top of our priority list and having to utilize our back-up is left for absolute emergencies only.  We are excited about your birth and feel privileged that you have chosen to share it with us.  

Can Doula services be purchased for me as a gift?

Yes! We provide gift certificates that loved ones can purchase for you to use towards your Doula package. Think of it like a registry of sorts.  Couples find it useful in offsetting costs and guests love the idea as well.  It helps take the guess work out of gift giving and it's a service we are happy to provide.  Simply include our registry card in your shower invitation (we provide them at your request) and guests can easily contact us to purchase a gift card in any denomination.  Leave the rest up to us.

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