The Nest's Philosophy

The old saying "birds of a feather, flock together" has always resonated with me. People who are a part of a team and share a common goal, get where they are going with ease because they are travelling on the trust of one another.  

If we had the same good sense as birds, we would share information and offer support and words of inspiration to those headed in the same direction as us.  It was with this vision and principle that The Stork's Nest was created.  A home base or "Nest" for families to find the support they need during the most exciting time in their lives.

As the needs of our clients grow, so too does the overall vision for The Stork's Nest.  When the lead bird get's tired (that's you Mama!) She falls back into formation, surrenders control and let's others support her in her journey. 

It pays to have your "flock" behind you every step of the way! 

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Doulas are trained to provide evidence based knowledge and support to women and families during the pregnancy, labour & delivery and postpartum stages.  Support can come in a multitude of ways and no two families are identical.  Not only do we provide physical, emotional and informational support to the pregnant mother but to her partner as well. Don't worry dads, we've got your back! We work alongside the partner to provide exemplary care for the whole family unit.

Prenatal Preparation

Your Doula will meet with you 1-2 times before your due date to help prepare you for the physical and emotional aspects of birth. We are available to discuss any fears or concerns you may be having and we work with you to identify your Birth Preferences. We are happy to share our knowledge of birth with you in the form of evidence based research, community resources, options for pain management and a wide variety of non-pharmacological comfort measures.

24/7 On-call Support

Your Doula is here to answer all of your questions, when you have them. We are available to you via phone, text and email any time of the day. Our aim is to provide you with one-on-one attention.

Postpartum Support

Let's face it, life can get tricky sometimes. That's why we aim to help make your transition into parenthood as seamless as possible. We offer non-judgmental support and give you access to our knowledge and local resources when you need guidance. After the birth of your baby, our support looks different for every family. We are able to help with infant feeding and care, as well as light house work and laundry. You can feel free to catch up on some sleep or even take a shower! We are your "flock" and you can call on us at any time.

Are You Expecting A Baby?  

Let Us Help...

We want you to feel empowered knowing you have support from a trained professional Doula. We assist you throughout the entirety of your pregnancy and we will not only help you plan for your upcoming birth but we also help prepare you for the postpartum period as well.  Our goal is to help you feel confident with birth and ready to tackle everything parenting throws your way.    

As Doula's, there are many facets to our care. It is our goal to provide you with comprehensive  emotional, physical and informational support. We want to help empower you to communicate your needs, helping to actualize your dream of a healthy and positive birth experience.

Doula's NEVER judge your choices.

Whether you choose to have a water birth, an un-medicated home delivery or a fully medicated hospital birth, our only agenda is to help empower you so you can find your own voice! We never judge your preferences towards breast or bottle feeding. Your baby, your choice.....always.

Doula's  ALWAYS provide a back-up.

Life can throw some unexpected curveballs. While it's always our fullest intention to be present no matter what, the reality of life is that sometimes things come up that are out of our control. It is for these emergency situations that we have the most trusted back-up Doula's. 

Doula's NEVER replace your partner.

Our objective is to help your partner be as involved as they want to be. Your partner knows you better than anyone else in the world and so that makes them an expert. We need your partner just as much as they need us!

We ALWAYS provide 24/7 on-call service.

We are always available to answer your questions. Whether it be via phone, text or email, you are guaranteed to have us at your disposal come baby time.

We NEVER contradict your care providers.

Your Midwife or Obstetrician is an expert in their respective fields. We work together with your care primary care team to offer you exemplary care.  

We offer support to ALL families.


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